Inventify is a Swiss software company with a development office in Lviv, Ukraine. We build next-generation no-code platforms with enterprise-grade architecture and highly scalable infrastructure.

We think, therefore we

In the very beginning, programmers used binary machine code to interact directly with computer hardware. Then came assembly languages, adding one abstraction level on top. These in turn were followed by more higher-level languages, each of them automating numerous details of the language below and thereby making the lives of programmers easier.

In this evolution towards higher abstraction, no-code is the latest and most revolutionary step. “We think, therefore we create” is how we act on this fading duality of mind and software.

Inspired by Descartes, who contemplated the still unsolved duality of mind and body with “I think therefore I am”

No-code platforms
allows citizen developers
- to create anything they think about.


Instead of endless development cycles, we believe in entering the market with a solution that is enterprise-ready on day one.

Revolution of simplexity

With no-code, we employ the principle of simplifying interactions with complex systems.

Architect your business

We are the IT partner to translate your expert knowledge into a digital no-code platform.

Our team

Martin Polasek
CEO & Founder
Mark Gustafson
Chief Product Officer
Pascal Forster
Chairman & Founder
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We are a growing company, constantly on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Have a look at the open positions listed below.


No vacancies are currently available, however, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals
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