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How Inventify Ensures Your Operational Freedom and IP

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Ensuring that you can grow as fast as you want

We are dedicated to empowering your growth. First of all, Inventify speeds up go-to-market by having a proven platform. Most product changes can be configured on the platform without custom implementation. We also take care to include any missing features in our roadmap. This roadmap is negotiated with our key customers monthly.

It is of course possible that very successful companies need features that are not on our roadmap or don’t fit the overall platform. To manage this, our clients can extend the functionality of the Inventify platform by implementing their own widgets or microservices and integrating them with our platform.

Finally, if you were ever unhappy with the development speed – you could cancel the maintenance agreement with us and take over further development of the platform independently.

No Vendor Lock-in

We believe in happy entrepreneurs. If we are for any reason are no longer the right choice for your company, we make it as easy as possible to migrate to another solution. For this reason, you can:

  • Export your data at any time – You always have the option to export all the different data you have entered in a format of your choice.
  • Export all configurations – Any configuration created can be exported in various formats and used to configure a different PaaS service or as a blueprint for a custom build.
  • Access source code held in escrow – In the case of Inventify becoming insolvent, the source code can be handed over to you.

What matters will stay yours

We believe the key assets in any software business are:

  • Customer relationships;
  • Business knowledge;
  • Process blueprints;
  • Customer data; and
  • Custom user interfaces.

The code itself and general functionality like logins need to be available to you, but not unique to you.

We therefore see our platform as a general infrastructure that takes care of non-unique functionality. The key assets on top of that platform are built by you – with or without our help. We then take every possible step to make sure those key assets belong to you, throughh contracts, organization encryption and pure data access.