Auratel + Inventify

Complete Digitization

A joint venture with Auratel to digitize a myriad of processes and migrate legacy solutions into one no-code platform for citizen developers.

Auratel offers device management for business clients. The company runs an online shop, pools orders and handles repairs and logistics.

What they needed

Auratel wanted to unify their many processes into one tool to avoid unnecessary tasks, like entering the same set of data multiple times.

Completely digitizing our B2B business was an ambitious goal, but Inventify made it surprisingly easy

Christian Capatt
Christian Capatt,
Co-creator of Auratel

How it works

Inventify consulted them on how to approach the problem the best way. Then both together started to implemented a solution by digitizing processes that were still analogue and allowing thus to replace legacy systems one by one, concentrating all in one platform to be used by its citizen developers.

The advantages of Inventify

Thanks to the flexibility of Inventify, Auratel could merge dissimilar processes and legacy systems into one tool. This eliminated redundant work, saving the company and their employees thousands of working time hours.

Build your thoughts into digital processes with Inventify

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