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Inventify is the no-code platform for business builders, inventors and intrapreneurs. It is ideal for redistribution as a white label solution or building an ecosystem platform for citizen developers.

Blueprint Solution

Use Inventify as a white label platform: build a multi-tenant SaaS and distribute your own web-app to your clients.

For whom is the blueprint solution?

How will we build it?

What outcome can you expect?

Ecosystem platform

Use Inventify to transform an existing business or a new vision into an ecosystem platform.

For whom is the ecosystem solution?

How is it done?

What you get in the end?


A state of the art multilayer architecture that is secure and flexible

Flexible because API-driven

Highly secure deployments

At the height of technology

Build your thoughts into digital processes with Inventify

Whether you have a specific request or are just curious – we are looking forward to answer all your questions.

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