Cynos + Inventify

Financial Compliance Made Easy

Meeting the compliance needs of Europe’s small and medium-sized financial institutions with an all-in-one toolbox.

The Cynos Mission

Cynos was founded to make financial compliance easy for small and medium-sized financial institutions.

As experts in finance, compliance, and business, the founding team knew there was a real need for an accessible, digital solution that simplifies financial compliance.

The Challenge

To actually make something complicated like financial compliance “easy” for end-user, Cynos needed to create a complex software solution that would:

  1. Keep up with changing regulations;
  2. Minimse legal, compliance, and risk management costs; and
  3. Seamlessly deliver custom solutions to meet customer needs.

The Solution: An all-in-one toolbox for financial compliance

Cynos knew they needed a technical partner that they could trust.  They also did not want to approach product development in the traditional way – they wanted to build efficiently, launch faster, and remain flexible to land new clients and offer the best service.  

By building on Inventify, Cynos was able to deliver the first version of their Cynos Toolbox in a matter of weeks instead of months. The secure, FINMA-compliant Toolbox also offers business solutions including Client Relationship Management (CRM), Task Management, Document Management, E-Forms and E-Contracts.

Inventify allows us to sell a very cost effective and adaptive compliance solution to our clients – without needing our own IT army

Dr. Claude Ehrensperger,
CEO & Founder of Cynos

The Inventify Advantage

  • Cynos entered the market faster and at significantly lower costs than with a solution built entirely from scratch
  • Shortly after going live, Cynos successfully onboarded the largest European family office without a challenge  

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