Inventify for Startups

by Martin Polasek
1 min read

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

At Inventify, we know that codeless innovation is changing the SaaS game. Our enterprise customers consistently beat out their competition with the leading-edge SaaS products they build on our codeless platform.

But we also believe that enterprise-grade functionality shouldn’t be reserved just for those with enterprise budgets.

That’s why we provide a unique offering for startups – Inventify Storq.

Inventify Storq empowers startups to launch robust software businesses in a few weeks for a fraction of the cost. Startups building with Storq get access to everything our enterprise customers love, at a price point and engagement level that best supports their success.

What Storq offers:

  • All the premium functionality of Inventify’s codeless platform
  • A network of the best designers and frontend developers.
  • The ability to grow faster and be ready for scale
  • Reduced minimum fee: 15k CHF per year

Criteria for Storq Eligibility:

  • Startup is 2 years or younger
  • Less than 1 million in revenues
  • Defined product vision

Ready to start building?

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