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Inventify for Startups

At Inventify, we know that codeless innovation is changing the SaaS game. Our enterprise customers consistently beat out their competition with the leading-edge SaaS products they build on our codeless platform. But we also believe that enterprise-grade functionality shouldn’t be reserved just for those with enterprise budgets. That’s why we provide a unique offering for […]

How no-code can accelerate the ecosystem economy

Codeless innovation enables flexible collaboration and secure data sharing, accelerating the ecosystem economy. As discussed in our previous blog, companies must embrace digital innovation to stay competitive in our fast-moving business world.  One way businesses strive to outpace the competition is by joining or creating digital ecosystems – integrated networks of organisations that bundle services […]

B2B businesses need to become software companies. But how?

In today’s digital society, companies are feeling the pressure to innovate in order to stay relevant. But rising business complexity and increasingly scarce IT resources are slowing down business innovation globally. The changing face of digital transformation  The digital transformation of businesses is nothing new. In the past two decades, companies have become increasingly “digitised.”  […]