Build better with Inventify
With the Inventify platform, business users and product managers can build and sell enterprise-level SaaS solutions – without writing a single line of code.
How to get started with Inventify
Configure your flexible data model
  • Define your model’s entity types, which form the foundation of your custom data model.
  • Model business relations intuitively, with no previous experience in databases necessary.
  • With one click, deploy and migrate data model changes and test them immediately.
Define your business logic
  • Define actions, create conditions, and add formulas to extend your application with custom business logic.
  • Use filters and granular access controls to manage the data access rights of different user groups.
  • Upload Word, Excel, and Powerpoint templates to automate business documents and reports.
Automate, launch, and adapt
  • Simplify the life of your end-user by automating complex workflows and integrating with 3rd party systems​.
  • Seamlessly clone and manage each instance of your product with built-in multi-tenancy functionality.
  • Reconfigure your product with a few clicks enables innovation and continuous improvement.
Enterprise-ready from day one
Leverage advanced functionality to meet the needs and wants of your enterprise customers.
  • Build custom dashboards using widgets from the ever-expanding Inventify library.
  • Information can be sliced, aggregated, and displayed in various ways to meet customer needs.
Build and sell your B2B SaaS with Inventify
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