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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Inventify?

Inventify is a Swiss software company aiming to change the way people develop B2B software by making no-code a true alternative for software ventures and businesses in highly data-sensitive industries.

What is the Inventify Platform?

The Inventify platform is a highly scalable PaaS (Platform as a Service) that allows entrepreneurs to build demanding enterprise B2B software products in a cheaper, more scalable, and more flexible manner.

What sort of applications can be built on the Inventify Platform?

Inventify can be used to create most B2B applications using our data model, business logic, screen, workflow, and reporting designers. It excels and outperforms competitors in white-labelling, data security, and fine-grained access control requirements. For applications that require a very specific UI, a custom frontend can be easily implemented using Inventify as Backend as a Service (BaaS).

How does the platform work?

The platform has a few general core functions to create most professional business applications:

  • Data model designer;
  • Business logic designer;
  • Workflow designer;
  • Policy-based access control manager;
  • And many more ... including translation editor, reporting designers and formulas.

As the user edits and saves the solution, the whole backend - including databases - the frontend and APIs are updated dynamically.

What is No-Code?

No-code is the next wave of industrialisation of software development, applications and software can be created through configurations instead of by changing code. This unlocks possibilities for people without software development experience to edit software and reduces risk of bugs.

Can I build more complex applications?

With Inventify's general flexible rules and workflows, most business rules and processes can be created on the standard platform. If more complex applications are needed, such as your own AI algorithms, these can be created as additional microservices and made available for you on the Inventify platform.

Can I resell the software?

The Inventify platform is specifically built for entrepreneurs that want to resell their applications. That's why we provide built-in features like complex access policies, white-labelling ability, and multi-tenancy so that you are fully equipped to customise your software to your clients' requirements.

Can I build software for my own needs?

Inventify focusses on entrepreneurs that are building software to sell to other companies. If you want to build a solution for your own business, feel free to send us a message at .

Can I create mobile apps?

The standard user interface works well as a web application and is compatible with mobile devices. This can easily be turned into a PWA (progressive web app) that can be stored on the end user's device. If there is a need for a full-fledged mobile app, this is also possible – many of our customers have successfully launched apps using Inventify as the backend, which simplifies the app development.

Can I build the solution completely alone?

We have various clients that have built their solutions on Inventify after short training sessions. They are then able continue to improve their solutions each time they get customer feedback. Some of the more complex applications that have integrations and custom frontends need traditional development effort. However, what you get at the end can always be adapted through the power of no-code.

Can I customise the frontend of my solution?

The layout and style of the fronted can be customised for each of your customers. For applications that require specific flexibility and creativity for the UI, a simple, custom frontend can be integrated with Inventify as a backend.

I like the feature set of Inventify, but I already have an application – Should I move to Inventify?

If you have extensive feature requests or imminent redesign of your application, it is almost always cheaper to move directly to a scalable, battle-proven platform like Inventify's to grow. If you would like to understand if working with Inventify makes the most sense for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at .

Can I pick and choose specific functionality from Inventify for the feature(s) I'm missing and use my existing application for everything else?

The true value of Inventify comes from moving the data you want to manage to our platform. Then you have the full flexibility and power of no-code. You can still integrate with existing systems and microservices with APIs.

How can I get started?

The best way to get started is to book a demo with us at .

Where is Inventify hosted?

The Inventify platform is hosted in Switzerland with a global cloud provider that meets the highest data and security requirements.

Will my growth be dependent on the Inventify team?

At Inventify, we take many steps to ensure our entrepreneurs' independence. First, you can edit the solution and implement most changes on your own. Second, additional functionality can be created through your own microservices and integrated with the core Inventify platform. Finally, you can take over operation and further development of your instance the platform.

What if I want a feature that is not on the platform?

Ask us. Our product management team takes input from our clients and strives to adapt the roadmap to their needs. Sometimes, if the desired feature is not reusable by other clients, we will work with you to find a suitable solution, such as custom implementation or integration with a new/existing microservice.

But won't performance be reduced as opposed to custom made software?

This is true in theory. An abstraction level tends to slow down performance. However, building high performing software is hard and costs considerable investment, which often is not done in smaller bespoke software solutions. Therefore, we have found that most of our clients have vastly higher performance after moving to Inventify.

What if I want to stop working with Inventify, or Inventify closes, gets acquired, or changes their strategy?

In the unlikely scenario that Inventify is unable to continue providing our services, or if you decide you no longer require our services, you have three options to ensure continuity:

  • Export your customer data at any time.
  • Export your configuration at any time.
  • Take over the source code i.e., take care of maintenance, development and operations yourself.

How well does the platform scale in terms of users and data?

The platform has been designed to scale horizontally and can handle thousands of concurrent users due to the strategically designed event-based micro-service architecture.

What technologies does the Inventify platform use?

The platform has been implemented using proven enterprise-grade technologies such as C# .NET Core, TypeScript, Angular, Kafka, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Neo4J, S3 Storage.